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Here's what previous clients had to say...

"Sonia has an excellent, professional manner and knowledge. I’m amazed at how much she knows about how our brains work and can explain so clearly about hypnosis. I found hypnosis very relaxing and uplifting. After each treatment I had I was very relaxed, recharged and felt like I had more energy. I also realised after about 3 to 4 treatments that I had become a lot more positive and happier in myself.  


Sonia gave me a cd to use which has been very good. I used it a lot, even whilst on holiday. It has really helped me feel, relaxed, rested and calmer. I’ve also been suffering a lot of nerve pain from my back. Again, Sonia personalised one of my treatments and I felt a big relief afterwards. It's was amazing! I could feel it working in the area I had the pain.


I certainly recommend Sonia as a therapist and hypnosis as a treatment.


Thank you Sonia for such great care and being the therapist you are!"                                                                       HJ - Manchester

"Thank you for allowing me to work with you.  I still can not believe how much you've changed my life by teaching me these skills and educating me.  I absolutely can not thank you enough and I wish you all the luck in the world in your life, career and everything else too.  I am finally at peace after nearly 30 years and I hold you firmly responsible!! :)  It's difficult to find the words - sometimes I want to cry because I'm so happy in myself!"                                                                                                       SG - Manchester

"A trusted friend of mine introduced me to Sonia and suggested I volunteer for some hypnotherapy. I jumped at the chance and am amazed at the number of benefits I have received from it.


I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and as a part of that I sometimes have a lot of pain. When I started seeing Sonia CFS had taken over my life despite making lots of lifestyle changes. But working with Sonia has helped me to 'take back my power'.


The hypnosis sessions have helped me to take control of my life again and instead of fighting the pain and limited energy I was experiencing, I have learned to work within the boundaries that I have on any given day and that has made such a massive difference in my day to day life.


I wake up in the morning feeling good, able to accept where I am at in terms of energy or pain and pace myself accordingly. Rather than trying to push myself too hard I am now a lot more compassionate with myself. I have emptied my 'stress bucket' so there isn't a whole load of baggage adding to the situation either.


As if this wasn't enough Sonia and I also did some vision work and moved on to set some goals beyond my initial objective. I talked about how I want to work again and also how I want to live in the countryside.


Low and behold I am now moving to the countryside next month and am feeling a lot more confident about taking the necessary steps to get back to work when I get to our new place.


Sonia is a lovely lady and has definitely played a key part in my spiritual development. I highly recommend her."

                                                                                                                                                                                 AR - Manchester

"I was introduced to Sonia by my wife as she thought that hypnotherapy might help with my anxiety and depression. I’d already been taking prescribed medicine from my GP and seeing a psychotherapist for a few years so I was initially unsure how hypnotherapy would offer anything new - especially as I knew very little about it beforehand.


What immediately struck me was the simple, friendly way in which Sonia introduced the concept to me and how comfortable I felt talking to her about my situation.  This open and professional atmosphere was consistent throughout the weekly / biweekly sessions that took place for the next 3 months.


Sonia was also meticulous in documenting our conversations and measuring my progress which meant that there was a real sense of attentiveness and continuity from one session to the next.


Hypnotherapy has helped to shift my focus away from the worries of everyday life and the disasters that I imagined would happen if  anything upset the status quo.  Through our regular interactions, Sonia naturally guided me towards a more optimistic mindset that accepts the good things I already have and helps me to envision a happy future where my needs are fulfilled. This last point feels like a real breakthrough for me as I had reached a point in my other treatments where I had accepted the roots of my depression but I was really struggling to turn that around and imagine what the alternative looked like.


With Sonia’s help, I have developed in confidence and started to overcome the sense of fear that was limiting my daily life and holding me back from making decisions about my future. My relationships with the people around me feel more comfortable and as a result, I feel a lot happier and more at ease with myself."                                                                             MR-Manchester